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👍 25 | 2022.11.18

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Please find below a link kindly provided by Gary, which certainly does not lead to a download of Star Fleet, AI upscaled from the DVDs to 720p resolution.
Now that that's out of the way, I can tell you that it's very sharp and worth downloading.
Many thanks to its creator!
	Download - MEGA


Dan 2022.11.27 | 12:47

Hi, so whats the scale on the dvds please? also ive tried to download but looks like you have to pay ? 

Crash 2022.11.30 | 20:18

Hi Dan!
Thanks for commenting,

Resolution of the files is 1280x720p. The entire series is about 13GB.
It looks really very good.
If you skip mega's payment plan options, you have a green "Continue Download" button at the bottom of the screen, which skips to their web-based download manager.

Kirara 2023.03.05 | 22:41

Wow! Fantastic quality! Thank you so much for this wonderful present!

Crash 2023.03.06 | 12:05

Hi Kirara!
Thanks very much for letting me know,

I wish I knew who had run the AI upscale on the DVD footage, so I could pass the feedback along.
I vaguely remember discussion that it was a Star Fleet fan in Spain that had generated it.

Kirara 2023.03.07 | 10:25

Many thanks to him, and to you for sharing his work!
This generous benefactor offered a great gift for all Star Fleet's fans!  I would never expected to see Star Fleet in such good quality, we can see all the details on the models used in the serie. It's crazy that fans do for free a better job than the editors...
It would have been interesting if some fans did the same treatment using the french DVD (considered to have the best image quality), the quality could have been insane ! But it should be a hard job to replace the french audio with the English one...

Crash 2023.03.07 | 15:15

You're 100% right.  The details really do stand out much clearer and better.
I noticed a lot of things about the models of the ships for the first time when watching it, and I know that Gary Cass found it very useful for the reference work involved in creating 3D replicas.

I think, part of it comes down to the AI technology becoming widely available more recently than even the vaguely recent and slightly interestingly-conceived SD Blu-Ray.

I would say that this technology is likely to only get better over time, and that an ever sharper 1080p version might be possible, if someone made a project out of it, especially if the technology does mature further.

I will say that, for 720p, this release is remarkably good - even on a big screen.
I think it could be easily mistaken for 1080p.

Luis Cotovio 2023.04.28 | 20:29

Given the size of the file, I believe this was done by (username) dym2005. He posted his progress at the originaltrilogy.com forums. He did indeed use the french release as the main source for the upscale, supplemented with the other releases where needed. It is indeed a stunning edition. Why official companies never went to this trouble is beyond me.

dym2005 2023.07.25 | 12:17

Hi all, I'm so pleased that the link to my upscaled version found its way here and that it has been so well received. One day (time permitting) I hope to get round to doing a 1080P version using the improved audio by Bladez636 and maybe even at 50FPS. The original YouTube links on the OriginalTrilogy forum aren't working any more (the account got restricted due to copyright infringement), but I've uploaded a few videos to a Google Drive in case anyone is interested.

This is the comparison between the UK DVD end credits and my first upscale attempt pieced together from the French DVDs. I later changed the drop shadow on the text and may have tweaked a couple of other bits.

And this is a 50FPS version of the opening titles, but at the standard PAL resolution (no audio on this one unfortunately).

And finally a very short snippet at 720P and 100FPS, looking incredibly smooth 😀

Crash 2023.04.29 | 19:02

Hi Luis!
Thanks for that information,
I will have a look into that and expand the site's info accordingly ...
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