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👍 28 | 2023.03.22

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Twitter user: gavanhero, has made some great little figures of the bridge crew, roughly to scale with the Blitzkreig Dai-X.
I love how shiny they are.


Dr. Ben 2023.03.25 | 08:46

These are great!

Crash 2023.03.25 | 10:16

They're so cute and recognisable at the same time.
I think a Kirara would be good.
If I see any more, I'll let you know. 😀

Dan from SFFB 2023.03.29 | 20:16

These are awesome , I would so like to purchase these . Take my money 💰 

Crash 2023.03.29 | 20:39

Hi Dan! Great to see you,
I should think, whoever makes them could make a decent return on etsy or similar.
I would like a set for sure.
The flow of Star Fleet material has slowed up a good bit on twitter but I keep an eye out.
Screen name Human? Type "yes".

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