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👍 27 | 2024.02.07

« X-Bomber v0.84j

Re-adding the X-Bomber Original player ship, which is closer in some ways to the one in the show ...
 - Pulse-fire neck lasers with additional sound effect kindly provided by BladeZ

 - Clickteam Fusion runtime updated from 293.10 to 295.10
 - Glitch with X-Bomber pulse guns in L6-10 fixed
 - FG hologram effects getting further improved in L6 ...
 - Player searchlights (for night mode etc.) implemented
 - X-Bomber crew no longer chatter when playing as The Skull
 - 'Points of interest' objects improved
 - L16 reactor beam weapons fixed

Mission Briefings
 - Solar system map generates faster
 - Interesting glitch with map labelling fixed
 - Adding further DVD screengrab images to mission briefings ...

Main Menu
 - Ship selector in main menu displays images of player ships
 - Main menu mini-map looks a bit more map-like

 - Re-work quantum blaster unselected/beam mode
 - Fortress reactor core sprite to resemble death planetoid


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