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Star Fleet

Star Fleet X-Bomber | Facebook
Dan Hitchin and Phil Base's very active Star Fleet Facebook group
Star Fleet Wiki
BladeZ's excellent and impeccably-researched Star Fleet resource
X Blogger
Ben Page's fascinating and frequently-updated Star Fleet substack
SFXB - The Star Fleet (X-Bomber) Homepage
Andy Thomas' definitive Star Fleet reference since 2002
Excelsior's Domain - YouTube
Andy's YouTube channel
Star Fleet (TV Series) TV Tropes
TV Tropes has some interesting factoids about the show.
Dominion 3D - Etsy UK
Gary Cass' Etsy shop has some amazing 3D prints of X-Bomber with more Star Fleet items planned...
Star Fleet Official Soundtrack CD Theme Music
Unbox Industries
This toy company makes some nice Star Fleet-related items. Check out the Dai-X and Shiro soft vinyl figures, as well as the Go Nagai blind box tray.
Star Fleet / X-Bomber - Upscale Project (Released) - Original Trilogy
720p AI upscale release of Star Fleet by dym2005
Megaupload Links
- Original
- Updated version with Japanese audio and subtitles by Spoutnik
X Bomber on Bandai Channel

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