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This site is the home of X-Bomber the Game. 
It has expanded over the years to host a large collection of Star Fleet / X Bomber material and fan artwork, as well as a host of other materials.

Technical Info

The site runs using PHP 8 and MySQL.
It makes heavy use of the PHP application: SLIR to resize images and the JavaScript Lightbox 2 to display images.
The site serves HTML 4.01 Transitional with CSS 2.1 and embedded fonts.
The site uses no cookies, however the SFXB forum uses them, in order to preserve user logins across sessions.

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About the Site

Church Windows Project

Cool Stuff

Games - Babylon 5 Into the Fire
Games - Fury3
Games - Operation Matriarchy



Ships - AS-5 Proteus
Ships - CA-FMF66 Blizzard
Ships - Space Above and Beyond


Stylised Photos

TV Shows - Dan Dare
TV Shows - Fireball XL5
TV Shows - Firestorm
TV Shows - Lavender Castle
TV Shows - Max Steel
TV Shows - New Captain Scarlet
TV Shows - Stingray
TV Shows - Terrahawks
TV Shows - Thunderbirds 1965
TV Shows - Thunder in Paradise
TV Shows - Xcalibur
TV Shows - Zentrix

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