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(Gosh) Sakes on a Plane 2023.04.27Newsedit
1983 Expo 2022.10.24Newsedit
720p Upscale with Japanese Audio/Subs 2023.12.31Newsedit
About 1Aboutedit
Alex Godard - Dai-X in Lego 2023.09.01Newsedit
Allies 71Helpedit
Aquanox Deep Descent 2023.11.21Newsedit
ArtStation 2023.08.31Newsedit
Astrofighter Carrier featured in Hobby Japan 2022.08.27Newsedit
BladeZ Fan Work Section Expanded 2024.07.15Newsedit
Brain Sweetin - X-Bomber Painted 2022.11.16Newsedit
Brian Sweetin - Dai-X and X-Bomber 2023.02.11Newsedit
Bucky O'Hare and Jenny 2022.07.23Newsedit
Bumper Update 2024.04.10Newsedit
Colin Merrick - Commander Makara 2023.09.02Newsedit
Commander Makara - Matthew Barker 2023.08.30Newsedit
Comments Fixed 2023.02.04Newsedit
Cute Star Fleet Bento Box 2024.04.18Newsedit
Daedalus 2023.10.18Newsedit
Dai-X Fighters Illustration Revisited 2019.11.09Newsedit
Dai-X Painting 2024.03.28Newsedit
Dan Dare 'Missing' Episodes 2023.12.29Newsedit
Darren Goldie - Orion 2022.12.21Newsedit
Darren Goldie - Orion - Update 3 2023.02.12Newsedit
Despaa232323 2024.01.29Newsedit
Enemies 9Helpedit
ExplorerPatcher 2024.02.25Newsedit
Extra Player Ships 6Helpedit
Fan Artwork From ZeMiaL 2023.03.10Newsedit
Figure King Issue 296 Photos 2022.10.28Newsedit
Fireball XL5 2023.07.21Newsedit
Found another Showa Book 2023.10.14Newsedit
Fury3 and Terminal Velocity Comparison 2016.01.18Hiddenedit
Gameplay 2Helpedit
Gary Cass - Alliance Astrofighter 2022.12.11Newsedit
Gary Cass - Alliance Astrofighter - Update 3 2023.02.10Newsedit
Gary Cass - Battlecruiser 2022.10.27Newsedit
Gary Cass - Lamia Model 2023.10.25Newsedit
Gary Cass - Makara Statue 2022.10.26Newsedit
Gary Cass X-Bomber 3D Print - Painted 2022.09.14Newsedit
Gavanhero 2023.03.22Newsedit
Getting Started 1Helpedit
Good News! 2023.10.30Newsedit
Good Smile Company Dai-X 2023.01.15Newsedit
Good Smile Company Dai-X - Updated 2023.02.28Newsedit
Guguwan - Makara Action Figure 2022.12.29Newsedit
Had a little play with Gabby AI 2023.12.31Newsedit
Hobby Japan Moderoid Dai-X Article 2024.02.24Newsedit
Interesting Model of Lamia 2023.12.13Newsedit
Interesting Topical Find 2023.12.21Newsedit
Keibunsha Encyclopedia 56th Edition 2022.03.26Newsedit
Lamia by toyota_1g 2022.08.29Newsedit
Links 9Hiddenedit
Magazine Arrivals 2022.10.15Newsedit
Marina 2023.06.08Newsedit
Merry Christmas 2023.12.20Newsedit
Merry Christmas to All 2022.12.24Newsedit
Milestones 2022.09.14Hiddenedit
Moderoid Dai-X - Blitzkrieg Edition 2023.09.19Newsedit
Moderoid Dai-X Model 2023.09.18Newsedit
Moderoid Dai-X Video 2023.10.07Newsedit
More from Brian Sweetin 2023.01.15Newsedit
More Moderoid Dai-X 2023.10.26Newsedit
Mystery Character 2022.12.28Newsedit
NeMA Figures 2023.07.28Newsedit
New (Additional) Domain 2023.09.26Newsedit
New Chicago City 2019.02.17Newsedit
New Fan Artworks 2023.07.24Newsedit
New Images from Sayabu 2023.08.05Newsedit
New Showa Colouring Book 2023.03.09Newsedit
New Showa Sketchbook 2024.03.15Newsedit
New U1timate Image for Christmas 2023.12.23Newsedit
News Update 2024.03.15Newsedit
Nippon Shock Magazine 17 2024.07.05Newsedit
Nopple_1000 - Dai-X Re-coloured 2023.10.31Newsedit
OK So, Not a Star Fleet Update ... 2024.01.04Newsedit
Piroaki7 - Lamia 2024.04.18Newsedit
Pixiv Folder Updated 2023.01.20Newsedit
Programming Fuel 2022.10.15Newsedit
Public Service Announcement 2022.11.18Newsedit
Purple Milk 2024.07.01Newsedit
Rain 2022.10.03Newsedit
Rain Song - Chapter 9 2022.11.26Newsedit
Red Spark Gun 2022.11.03Newsedit
Retro Tech 2022.08.07Newsedit
Ruby 2022.03.19Newsedit
Ruby 2 2022.03.23Newsedit
Sayabu - PPA Reproduction - Updated 2023.02.05Newsedit
Security Hazard 2022.07.22Newsedit
Server move on 8th Feb 2024.02.09Newsedit
SFXB Theme Continued ... 2024.07.09Newsedit
Showa Pencil Case 2022.07.16Newsedit
Showa Sketchbook Blue 1 Re-done 2024.06.24Newsedit
Showa Sketchbook Blue 2 2024.06.23Newsedit
Silkspectrum 2022.11.18Newsedit
Simanto50100 Moderoid Dai-X Build 2024.06.12Newsedit
Simetra Defence Directorate Logo v3 2022.10.28Newsedit
Site Changes 2023.09.30Newsedit
Snub Pistol 2020.03.01Newsedit
Some New Projects from Gary Cass 2022.09.15Newsedit
Space Precinct 2022.06.23Newsedit
Space Precinct in HD 2023.05.19Newsedit
Special Weapons 7Helpedit
Star Fleet Expo 2022 - Wrap-up 2022.10.26Newsedit
Star Fleet Facebook Group Milestone 2023.11.29Newsedit
Star Fleet Project Re-release 2023.06.03Newsedit
Star Fleet Skype 2023.04.13Newsedit
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Intro (25th Anniversary Edition) - JTVFX 2024.02.27Newsedit
Stingray Blu-Ray 2023.05.31Newsedit
Stingray Blu-Ray Screengrabs 2023.06.08Newsedit
Stingray Blu-Ray Screengrabs - Disc 3 2023.07.02Newsedit
Stingray Blu-Ray Screengrabs - Disc 4 2023.07.14Newsedit
Stingray Blu-Ray Screengrabs 2 2023.06.09Newsedit
Summer of Star Fleet 2023.06.21Newsedit
SupaSupa - Lamia 2024.05.07Newsedit
Super Festival 2022 2022.11.17Newsedit
Supercolorisation 2024.07.13Newsedit
Supercolorisation is Here 2024.07.19Newsedit
Things are quiet on the Star Fleet front ... 2023.11.09Newsedit
Thunderbolt 2024.02.16Newsedit
TNT - Dai-X 2024.06.26Newsedit
To-do List 3Hiddenedit
Tony Leach - PPA Update 2024.06.30Newsedit
Unbox Blind-box Dai-X 2024.06.21Newsedit
Unbox Blind-box Dai-X 2024.06.28Newsedit
Unbox Industries Sofubi Dai-X 2022.07.29Newsedit
Unusual Behaviour 2023.03.17Newsedit
Update 2023.09.21Newsedit
Update Summary 2022.10.10Newsedit
Updated Battlecruiser Images 2022.11.03Newsedit
v0.1 Alpha 2004.11.24Versionedit
v0.2 Beta 2005.12.06Versionedit
v0.3 2006.08.02Versionedit
v0.31 2006.09.20Versionedit
v0.34 2007.03.14Versionedit
v0.36 2007.10.18Versionedit
v0.37 2007.10.28Versionedit
v0.4 2008.11.04Versionedit
v0.48 2009.04.03Versionedit
v0.52 2009.06.19Versionedit
v0.6 2009.09.26Versionedit
v0.64 2010.01.01Versionedit
v0.68 2010.02.27Versionedit
v0.76 2010.07.25Versionedit
v0.79 2011.02.05Versionedit
v0.8 2011.06.10Versionedit
v0.81 2012.03.04Versionedit
v0.82 2012.12.06Versionedit
v0.82a 2013.01.02Versionedit
v0.83 2013.10.30Versionedit
v0.83a 2014.02.08Versionedit
v0.83b 2014.04.12Versionedit
v0.83c 2014.05.07Versionedit
v0.83d 2014.06.29Versionedit
v0.83e 2014.07.23Versionedit
v0.83f 2014.09.13Versionedit
v0.83g 2015.03.19Versionedit
v0.83h 2015.05.28Versionedit
v0.84 2015.08.31Versionedit
v0.84a 2016.03.19Versionedit
v0.84b 2016.06.24Versionedit
v0.84c 2016.11.09Versionedit
v0.84d 2017.10.10Versionedit
v0.84e 2020.05.02Versionedit
v0.84f 2020.06.11Versionedit
v0.84g 2022.05.20Versionedit
v0.84h 2022.10.08Versionedit
v0.84i 2023.10.14Versionedit
VenileJuju - X-Bomber 2023.04.17Newsedit
Very Big Defence Directorate Background 2023.04.06Newsedit
Wingblade Booster / Robot 2019.09.11Newsedit
X Bomber Encyclopaedia Images 2022.11.19Newsedit
X Bomber Expo 2022 - Update 5 2022.09.17Newsedit
X Bomber on Bandai Channel 2022.09.13Newsedit
X-Bomber Encyclopaedia 2024.03.29Newsedit
X-Bomber event in Japan 2022.08.20Newsedit
X-Bomber Exhibition 2022 Pictorial Record 2022.10.18Newsedit
X-Bomber the Game Side Project 2023.11.10Newsedit
X-Bomber v0.84j 2024.02.07Newsedit
X-Impulse and Sound Design 2020.06.13Newsedit
X-Project Player Ships 5Helpedit
YmiscY 2024.06.19Newsedit
YmiscY - New Fan Artworks 2022.11.20Newsedit
Yoroshi Furuta 2022.09.14Newsedit
ZeroXenon777 - Dai-X 2023.06.09Newsedit
Zeus Action Figure 2023.02.25Newsedit



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