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Things are quiet on the Star Fleet front ...

So, I might submit a few posts on alternative topics, which people might find to be of interest ...

I see that Idinaloq, which is a Japanese arcade spaceshooter: in a vaguely similar vein to X-Bomber, has a new 60fps version that runs on modern, supported Windows versions.
Apart from enjoying the game in general many years ago, I remember this closing theme from the game well, which, while the vocalisation leaves a tiny bit to be desired, is a great composition especially once it gets going.
	The Ending Theme - A Place to Remember
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Nopple_1000 - Dai-X Re-coloured

I spotted that twitter user in Japan: Nopple, had updated his illustration of Dai-X and given it the colours of one of the 1980s toys.
It looks nice that way.
I saw one twitter user comment that it made it look like a later mass-produced version of the Dai-X, which I thought was a fun idea.
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Good News!

You can get a set of replacement bulbs for your FG device:
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More Moderoid Dai-X

Dan showed me a great example of the Goodsmile/Moderoid Dai-X, where the owner has painted it beautifully and got (for me) just the right colour, finish and amount of weathering put on it.

Incidentally, I noticed over Japanese nitter/x/whatever it calls itself now, that the unpainted model has pre-painted white stripes on the insides of the legs, which don't appear on the Dai-X in the show, as shown here:
	Post by gakupon on nitter

Oddly enough, these weren't on the prototype of the model that was shown, but were added to the production version.
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Gary Cass - Lamia Model

Folder preview

I received some great images, thanks to Dan at SFFB, on a range of Star Fleet subjects, which include Gary Cass' model of Lamia.  I like how it's turned out!
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I chucked some pictures of the Eaglemoss Daedalus battleship-carrier from Stargate Atlantis (which is my favourite Stargate series) in the cool stuff folder.
Eaglemoss went under a little while ago but a lot of unsold stock is getting sold over the Master Replicas website.
Daedalus had a short first run and to get one of those will cost you some money on ebay, but MR have some stock of the second run and these go for a great deal less.
I was surprised that it is a fair bit smaller than the Vipers that Eaglemoss did for Battlestar Galactica.
In any case, it's level of detail is very high - maybe more-so than the Vipers.
The hazard stripe pattern around the missile launchers near the front and the numbered fighter launch doors on the bottom of the hangar pods really set it off.
Daedalus was a banging ship that expanded the possibilities of the show in the same way as the Defiant did in Star Trek DS9.  It was one of the only ships in Stargate that looked "right" and it had good weapons coverage with a diversified weapons system.
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Found another Showa Book

Folder preview

I had a little browse around FromJapan and found an X Bomber colouring/activity book that I hadn't seen before.
This one has the same photo on its cover as on the rarer Portuguese notebooks that you can sometimes find on ebay.
Normally, the covers of these have a unique colour illustration.  This is the first that I've seen that has a photo of the characters.

This photo must presumably take place after the events of the series.  It didn't seem to me, from the show, as though the three pilots had visited the EDF command centre together prior to their flight to Moonbase.
Maybe this shows the three pilots after Dai-X touches down on Earth after the events of the last episode.
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Mission 6
 - Player missiles and turrets now track cloaked enemies, once revealed by collecting 20 adaptive camoflage debris fragments.
 - Asteroid with crashed attacker type astrofighter added 2-minute mark
	Hover over it to investigate for points bonus.

 - Deathball improved
 - Deathball 2 improved
 - Tank turret pairing logic improved
 - Dust clouds for larger ground vehicles

Mission Briefings
 - Mission 16 briefing complete
 - Mission 15 briefing almost complete

Level 16
 - Omega laser activates during approach
 - Dock area expanded with new background graphics, green heavy bombers and minelayers

Level 16 Boss
 - Overall graphics improved
 - Segment ordering improved substantially, especially regarding the shield ship as it docks and undocks
 - Head animations and weapon cycles improved

Special Weapons
 - Special weapons pod - Dai-X plasma grenade launcher improved
 - RFSG - side shots now orange, rather than red
 - Quantum blaster - retested
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Moderoid Dai-X Video

Here's a creative video that I found about the Moderoid Dai-X model (Japanese narration), that gives a good idea of what to expect in the box:
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Site Changes

At the moment, most Star Fleet news that I'm finding concerns the impressive Moderoid Dai-X model kit, which I plan to buy before long, even if I don't soon find time to build it.
The relevant images folder (see below update) is often getting updated with new material.

After having splashed some money on the site, I decided to try and make some improvements ...
As you can see, I've been knocking doors out of windows regarding its appearance.
I made an unintended change to one of the default theme's background textures, which I thought looked good.
This way, the main area is lighter than the background, rather than darker.
I left this change in-place, after a bit of tweaking, and this shows on the site as the "dusk" theme (I've been watching a bit of Foundation).
The original theme will be re-instated as the "night" theme, but it might not be the default.

The main theme's background has been smoothed out to give it a frosted glass effect and some noisy style elements have been removed.

At the moment, I'm making adjustments all-over. Nothing is final. Let me know if you encounter problems or have any remarks on the recent changes.
Use Ctrl + F5 to refresh all page elements (including stylesheet and images).
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