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New U1timate Image for Christmas

50 0 comments  › Start a forum discussion. 2023.12.23 

Interesting Topical Find

Folder preview

Courtesy of PhantomNald, these scans originate from the Italian Christmas comic book story, in which Trider G7 goes to Bethlehem and acts as the shooting star that leads Joseph and Mary to safety.

The images below are described as follows:

  • Trider G7 becomes the shooting star that leads Mary and Joseph to safety.
  • Goshogun and RX-78-2 Gundam making fireworks to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus
  • Tokusatsu mecha Dai-X warms up Mary and Joseph
  • The Starzinger cyborgs bring gifts to baby Jesus
  • Entire last page (Dai-X upper-right)
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Merry Christmas

For what might be the last update for the year,
I tweaked the high score system so that it only displays records for the last year.
There were scores from ages ago when X-Bomber was a different game and it didn't make sense to display scores from that long ago alongside the new ones.

I will get X-Bomber v0.84j to upload additional info such as version, difficulty and level(s) played.
I had wanted to get 84j released before Christmas but so many things have popped up that it won't be possible.
I'll aim instead to get it released early next year.

There seems to be a great deal of upheaval with our hosting company.  We will see how we manage to weather that in the new year when our renewal arrives in February.
I'll detail a bit more about this on the SFXB forum.

In the meantime, I wish everyone a merry, peaceful and wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2024.
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Interesting Model of Lamia

Not much in way of updates lately: Star Fleet seems to have been quiet, while RL has been busy.
I found an image of a lovely model of Lamia, which (from what I can tell) was made by the twitter user that posted it.
54 0 comments  › Start a forum discussion. 2023.12.13 

Star Fleet Facebook Group Milestone

I learned that the Star Fleet facebook group has reached 1,000 users, which is a great achievement.

Congratulations, and here's to the next 1,000.
73 0 comments  › Start a forum discussion. 2023.11.29 

Aquanox Deep Descent

Recently, my Clevo P150EM laptop developed an intermittent fault on its graphics card, which caused me to replace it.
10 years of solid use isn't bad going for a gaming laptop and I was sad to stop using it. 
I bought that machine in April 2013 when I worked for Apple and practically all income was disposable.

I had my eye on PC Specialist's Ionico, which has a really good display and quite a bit of power while being very thin and light.
I kept an eye on their website, since the Ionico is often out of stock, and I managed to get the well-balanced i7 CPU and 3070 Ti GPU variant which sold out almost right away after it was restocked.

After that, I got thinking of the Aquanox series of underwater combat games and, since the new laptop has a much more modern graphics card, I decided to give the 2020-released Aquanox Deep Descent a spin.
It's quite a bit different to the original games from a gameplay and atmosphere stance, which makes sense as it reveals itself to be a fairly distant prequel to the others.

I see that the game has received some lukewarm reviews. Perhaps the 1.4 version that I downloaded is a bit more polished than the original release.
In any case, it was an extremely beautiful game that ran very smoothly and reliably, with what soon became a very engrossing story and a lot of really fascinating weapons, which the ships were able to 'dual-wield' in very useful combinations.

Having just finished it, it makes me want to go back and explore it some more.
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X-Bomber the Game Side Project

As a little side-project to X-Bomber the Game, I am adding some creatures into the game which will spawn very occasionally in level 3 and trundle and hover around a bit and add a bit of variety to the environment.

Since that level already has a secondary objective to destroy all the deathballs on the planet, as well as the shield generators for the base, I think I'll make it so that the creatures are harmless and will just cost you some points if you happen to destroy them.

I'd wanted to do this for a long time and I was having a look around my documents folder and came across a very old game (last modified in 1999) that I wrote which was an 8-direction, non-scrolling shooter that was various little test-tube bugs fighting in a terrarium.

The game is a bit primitive to release by itself but I am improving the sprites so that  they can see the light of day as friendlier Starship Troopers-style aliens on Simetra VI.
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Things are quiet on the Star Fleet front ...

So, I might submit a few posts on alternative topics, which people might find to be of interest ...

I see that Idinaloq, which is a Japanese arcade spaceshooter: in a vaguely similar vein to X-Bomber, has a new 60fps version that runs on modern, supported Windows versions.
Apart from enjoying the game in general many years ago, I remember this closing theme from the game well, which, while the vocalisation leaves a tiny bit to be desired, is a great composition especially once it gets going.
	The Ending Theme - A Place to Remember
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Nopple_1000 - Dai-X Re-coloured

I spotted that twitter user in Japan: Nopple, had updated his illustration of Dai-X and given it the colours of one of the 1980s toys.
It looks nice that way.
I saw one twitter user comment that it made it look like a later mass-produced version of the Dai-X, which I thought was a fun idea.
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Good News!

You can get a set of replacement bulbs for your FG device:
66 0 comments  › Start a forum discussion. 2023.10.30 

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